Yuriko Takagi

Born in Tokyo in 1951, Takagi studied graphic design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and fashion design at Trent Polytechnic in Great Britain. She worked as a freelance designer in Europe and started taking photographic portraits as she journeyed throughout Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Takagi focuses her works on "human existence" --- an unique perspective involving fashion and the body, and is fascinated by the immersion of the movement of body in nature. She has spent more than 15 years working on ongoing projects like The Birth of Gravity, in search for the relationship of the gravity between human and nature through the force of our planet, in a very humanistic approach by establishing relationship of trust with the people in the local community to pose undressed for the photographs. In her most recent series SEI, she undressed the flowers to capture the intimate side of nature that usually hides with decency. 

Her publicized works so far include Nus Intime by Yobisha, Confused Gravitation by Bijutsushuppansha, Skin Yuriko Takagi x Kozue Hibino by Fusosha, and In and Out of Mode by Gap Japan, and her works are regularly exhibited in Japan and Europe and are part of major museum collections such as the NATIONAL MUSEUM of MODERN ART (Japan), KOBE FASHION MUSEUM (Japan), HARA MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY ART (Japan), MEGURO MUSEUM of ART (Japan), YOKOHAMA MUSEUM of ART (Japan) and SHANGHAI ART MUSEUM. (China)


  • Yuriko Takagi


    Yuriko Takagi

    "The word pronounced as sei in Japanese, comes along with 28 kanji characters in multiple meanings.

    Whether life is about to be formed or has already ceased - the identities of these 28 plants will never be revealed.

    Words and photographs synchronize in their own mysterious worlds." -- Yuriko Takagi

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