Matthew Pillsbury

Matthew Pillsbury is born in France, 1973 and has moved his base to New York since the 1990s. He was being selected for the representative photography award "Prix HSBC pour la Photographie" in 2007, and is currently attracting a lot of attention as an artist.

Pillsbury has been inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto's "Theaters" series of theaters photographed with the long exposure method. Pillsbury started to take long exposures in 8x10 format and created the "Screen Lives" series of his friends watching TV indoors, documenting how technology comes into play in our daily life. He also created the series "Time Frame", in which he photographed crowds of people constantly flowing in spaces where time seems to stand still; like the Louvre and museum of natural history. "City Stages" is his recent work, similarly in long exposure method, which captures afterimages of people, light and shadow in the landmarks of New York, Paris, London and other urban spaces.


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    City Stages

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