Takeshi Shikama

Born:1948 in Tokyo, Japan.

Education: Aoyamagakuin University, 1968-1970.

In 2002 Takeshi Shikama turned to photography after a career in the field of design. He was drawn to forests as the subject for his large format camera. It was the “invisible world”, hidden behind the “visible” that he worked to capture. His first photo collection was published in 2007 as Mori no Hida Silent Respiration of Forests. This project became the launch of a lifetime endeavor.

In 2008, he created a new series, Utsuroi-Evanescence, consisting of four parts: Forest, Field, Lotus, and Garden.

In 2009, he added the fifth part, Landscape. The following year, in 2010, while working on the Evanescence series, he started working with Japanese hand made Gampi paper for his platinum Palladium printing. The detail involved to create these prints; each requiring hand-coating the emulsion on the paper and contact printing the negative; reflects the intimacy and interaction that he feels towards his subject matter.

In 2009, He was invited to take part of FOTO and his solo show was held in Johannes Larsen Museet (Kerteminde, Denmark). He was also one of nine artists selected for the FotoFest International Discoveries II (Houston, Texas).

In 2010, he began new work photographing in distinct American landscape. Created a new body of Yosemite National Park.

In 2011, Created a new series of New York City’s Central Park as “ Urban Forests”. Also for the new body of work features landscapes throughout the Pacific Northwest and Hokkaido, Japan.

In 2012, He was invited to take part of the Noorderlicht Photofestival (The Netherlands). He added new series “The Netherlands” and of “ Urban Forests”-- Jardin du Luxambourg (Paris, France) and Central Park vol.2.. Photographed in Hokkaido and Yosemite National Park both for the second time and created vol,2 for each body of work.

In 2013, received the first Jon Schueler Scholarship Award. Artist in residence at Sabhal Mor Ostaig, the National Centre for Gaelic Language, Culture and the Arts (Isle of Skye, Scotland). He was included as one of three artists for “ Thoughts of the Forests”, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Yamanashi, Japan. He had set about new projects on “Ancient Stones” and landscapes throughout Scotland and Galicia in Spain. Also of Fontanebleau and Normandy in Frace.

In 2014, had a solo show “Los Murmullos Del Bosque”at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in A Coruna, Spain with 100 works including 50 new images of Galicia and Sckotland. He created new series Garden of Memor, Animals and Plants. Also, launched for one more new project Valley of Beauty with the images he photographed in Spain, Italy and in France.


  • Takeshi Shikama

    Silent Respiration of Forests

    Takeshi Shikama

    Grown up in Japan where many people traditionally co-habit with nature side by side and even worship Mother Nature, Takeshi Shikama devotes himself to portraying the respiration of forests as living things in his photographs as if he was listening to the breathing of them.
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