Patrick Gries

After completing his training as a school teacher in Belgium, Patrick Gries moved to New York in 1984 where he discovered American Photography. Initially working as a photographer’s assistant, than as a free-lance photographer, he began to collaborate with various art and design magazines.

In 1992 Patrick moved to Paris.

He has since pursued both personal and commissioned work and has become a reference in the field of art and design publications for institutions such as the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, as well as various museums. Patrick Gries has also captured the attention of famous luxury companies such as Louis Vuitton and Van Cleef & Arpels who commission him on various editorial books projects.

He is author of Evolution, published by Editions Xavier Barral, which offers an atypical approach to viewing art and science. Patrick Gries’ typological black and withe photo series present skeletons of vertebrates as sculptures which forces us to reconsider the boundaries between artistic and scientific objects. Evolution has been acclaimed throughout the world and has now been on exhibitions in France, Denmark and Russia ( Solo show at Photovisa Krasnodar - October 2013) and and entered private art collections.

His most recent project, entitled In/Visibility is situated at the crossroads of art, anthropology and politics. It presents series of portraits which attempts to give life and identity to people that "do not exist".

In/Visibility was first shown as part of International Discoveries IV 2013 exhibition Fotofest/Houston-TX. Selected photos from the In/Visibility series have been exhibited at Lianzhou Foto (Nov 2013 - China) and at Banja Rathnov Galleri & Kunsthandel Museumsbygningen København -Denmark- (March 14th to April 19th). In/Visibility is currently presented in a solo show at Photo Festival Buenos-Ares (Argentina) in August 2014.


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    EVOLUTION ― The Personal Collection

    EVOLUTION ― The Personal Collection

    EVOLUTION ― The Personal Collection is an excerpt from the book Evolution, published by Xavier Barral who initiated the idea, in which more than two hundred of Gries' photographs are accompanied with text written by scientist and documentarian Dr. Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu. The result is a powerful pairing that profoundly illustrates how we came to be what we are. Evolution steps beyond the debate and presents the undeniable truth of Darwin's theory. Showing through skeletons both obscure, commonplace, and intriguing, the process in which life has transformed itself, again and again.
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