1. About amanasalto

amanasalto’s mission is to produce, promote, and distribute limited edition photographic prints, books, and portfolios of the highest quality and durability.

To create these timeless works, amanasalto’s editorial and technical teams work in close collaboration with internationally renowned photographic artists and archives.

Specialized in the platinum-palladium technique, amanasalto also develops new printing methods, hardware, and software.

Established in 2012, amanasalto is a joint venture between amana inc. in Japan and Salto Ulbeek in Belgium.

amanasalto’s headquarters and state-of-the-art printing studio are located in Tokyo’s Kaigan area.

2. Platinum Palladium Prints

Platinum-palladium is a traditional printing technique that goes back to the 19th century. Compared to silver prints, platinum prints benefit from an extended tonal-range, more subtle blacks, and a higher definition.

Platinum prints are also among the most permanent man-made objects. The platinum metals are more stable than gold, and a platinum image, properly preserved, can last more than 500 years.

In order to produce exceptional works and editions, amanasalto combines traditional platinum-palladium printing methods with innovative techniques developed in-house.

amanasalto has published a two-part tome to illustrate the history, techniques, and characteristics of platinum printing.
The left-hand booklet comprises a selection of photographs that bring to light the benefits of platinum prints.
For comparison, the right-hand booklet presents the silver printing technique and its characteristics.

amanasalto specializes in publishing platinum printing projects, including photographic prints, portfolios, and special edition photo books. Besides high quality platinum prints, we also provide custom made service rather monochrome photographs, including but not limited to salt prints, cyanotype prints and any other new ways of photographic printing. For any inquires, please contact us here.

3. Works

amanasalto reproduces works selected with internationally renowned photographers and is involved in the planning, production and distribution of editioned prints, print portfolios, and special editions of premium photo books.

For these publications experienced editorial and printing directors work closely with the artists to create timeless pieces of the highest quality and enhanced durability.




You can view our most recent catalog here.
The new edition features 42 series of platinum prints and set of photo book portfolio among 31 internationally popular photographers and artists, ranging from the masterpieces made around a century ago to the contemporary works of today.
For any inquiries of our edition prints, print portfolios and special editions of premium photos books, please contact us here.

4. Technology

amanasalto’s team and state-of-the-art printing facilities incorporate all the skills, materials, and technologies required for the production of exceptional editions.

amanasalto’s strength lies in a combination of editorial rigor; the mastery of traditional printing methods; and the continuous development of new printing techniques and production systems.

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