Shigeo Anzai

Born in Atsugi city, Kanagawa in 1939, Anzai graduated from Hiratsuka High School (Faculty of Applied Chemistry) in 1957. Self taught, he started making art as a contemporary artist while he was working at the Central Technical Research Laboratory of Nippon Oil Co. until 1964. Since 1970, he began taking portraits of contemporary artists worldwide and people involved in the art scene. He also started publicizing his documentation of art that do not leave a trace --- performances, happenings, installations etc. Anzai is especially well known for his documentation series on sculptor Isamu Noguchi's works. From 1978 to 1979 he was given grants by the Rockefeller Foundation to stay in New York, and he started giving lectures in Tama Art University from 2004. Past exhibitions: "Dialogue of Photography and Sculpture" at the Museum of Modern Art Kanagawa & Hayama, 1994; "Recording on Contemporary Art by Shigeo Anzai 1970-1999" at the National Museum of Art, Osaka, 2000, and many more. Publications: ANZAΪ Homage to ISAMU NOGUCHI (Imex Inc.,1992), CARO by ANZAΪ─Photo-essay by Shigeo ANZAΪ (Fusosha, 1992), etc.


  • Shigeo Anzai

    Photo Collage-Early 70’s

    Shigeo Anzai

    Shigeo Anzai (1939-) likes himself to be recognized as an “Art Documentarist”, who specializes in documenting contemporary artists creating their art pieces. He started to document exhibitions and works of art following Lee Ufan’s advice since 1969.
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