Lucien Hervé

Lucien Hervé (1910 - 2007, born László Elkán) was born in Hungary.


A student of economics and drawing, Hervé’s career spanned across numerous fields before he eventually began work as a photojournalist and painter. In meeting Le Corbusier, Hervé made his first step onto the path of architectural photography.


Until Le Corbusier’s death, Hervé would accompany him to his structures and take copious numbers of photographs. Le Corbusier once lauded Hervé as a “photographer with the soul of an architect.” His trust in Hervé was deep, and always selected his photographs for use in his work collections.


In addition to Le Corbusier, Hervé has worked with other renowned names in architecture, such as Alvar Aalto, Marcel Breuer, Kenzo Tange, Richard Neutra, Oscar Niemeyer, and Jean Prouvé. Opening numerous photograph exhibitions and publishing a variety of photograph collections, his accomplishments are highly celebrated.


In his later years, Hervé would go on to create an eponymous award dedicated to commending young photographers.


  • Le Corbusier, Lucien Hervé



    “ENSEMBLE” is a portfolio of Le Corbusier, an architect and artist, and Lucien Hervé, a photographer who captured Le Corbusier’s architectures.
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