Sakiko Nomura 野村佐紀子

Sakiko Nomura is born in 1967 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. She graduated from Kyushu Sangyo University's Department of Fine Art with a focus on the study of photography. She moved to Tokyo after her studies and began to work under Nobuyoshi Araki and she is his only pupil. As she works as an assistant for Araki, she continued to publish her works since 1993, mainly in Tokyo but also in Europe and Asia. Male nudes standing by light and shadow, couples in intimacy, or private interior spaces that have an atmosphere of presence, Nomura's monochrome works cannot only be concluded as "erotic"; There is a strong sense of madness and melancholy in them. The darkness brings out the touch of the skin, body warmth, and ephemeral feelings that narrate Nomura's world of her own.


  • Sakiko Nomura


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