• Artist:

    Yuriko Takagi

  • Title:



  • Size:

    ●Box size
    15.7 × 12.6"
    (400 × 320mm)
    ●Paper size
    11 × 14"
    (254 × 356mm)

  • Edition:

    Set of a photo book by Éditions Xavier Barral + 2 prints by amanasalto with artist’s autograph in a deluxe velvet case.

  • Price:

    Please ask for details.


"28 kanji characters, with multiple meanings that come along with the word pronounced as sei in Japanese.

28 plants whose true identities will never be revealed, whether their life is about to be formed or have already ceased.

Words and photographs create their special resonance in a world full of mysteries." -- Yuriko Takagi

In her new series Sei, Takagi invites us to take a glimpse at her world of abyss by awakening our different senses with her photography. 

amanasalto has partnered with the artist and Éditions Xavier Barral to craft the Sei book+folio. The book+folio, limited to 30 editions, includes a signed copy of the artist's monograph Sei (Éditions Xavier Barral, 2014) and two exquisite platinum and palladium prints from the series.