• Artist:

    Imogen Cunningham

  • Title:

    The Eye of Imogen Cunningham


  • Size:

    Box + プラチナ&パラジウムプリント
    ● Box
    W448 x D570 x H53 mm
    (W17.6 x D22.4 x H2.1 inch)
    ● プラチナ&パラジウムプリント
    16 x 20" 25 点

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                                                                                                                  (『The Eye of Imogen Cunningham』収録エッセイ第1章より)


Portfolio Box
Portfolio Box
Portfolio Box, Booklet, Cases contain each chapter
Inside Portfolio
Booklet cover
Inside Booklet
Table of contents
Foreword Acknowldgement
Essays by Celina Lunsford
Pictroial Prose — Early works of the 1910s to '20s
Modern Vision — Through the 1920s and the early '30s
Undulating Realism — The 1930s, '40s and '50s
Surrealist Encounters — In the 1950s and '60s
Infinite Light — From the mid - 1960s onwards
List of works
Chronology of Imogen Cunningham
profile of Contributors
Clare and the Floating Seeds. 1910
Roi on the Dipsea Trail 4. 1918
Clare and John 2. 1912.
Birdcage and Shadow. 1921
Twins with Mirror 2. 1923
Edward Weston and Margrethe Mather 10. 1922
Magnolia Blossom, Tower of Jewels. 1925
Two Sisters 3. 1928
Colletia Cruciata 7. 1929
Frida Kahlo Rivera, Painter and Wife of Diego Rivera. 1931
Dance 3, Cornish School. 1935
Araujia Seed Pod. 1940
Hand Weaving with Hand. 1945
Hands of Laura LaPlante. about 1931
Philodendron. 1950s
The Bath 2. 1952
Crown - Zellerbach Building, San Francisco.1960
Ruth Asawa’s Wire Sculpture. 1950s
Taiwan Leaves 2. 1963
A Man Ray Version of Man Ray. 1960
Alice-Marie on Haight Street. 1967
Navajo Rug. 1968
Aiko’s Hands. 1971
My Lady at Home. 1972
Roi Partridge and the Horses Skull. 1975