• amanasalto invites you to the world of platinum print

    Magnum Photographer Elliott Erwitt, Lesley Martin from Aperture Foundation and Georges Charlier from Salto Ulbeek speak about amanasalto’s high quality limited edition prints, portfolios and its state-of-the-art platinum and palladium printing technology.

  • “Tranquility”: platinum prints by amanasalto

    Preview movie on the high quality limited edition prints and portfolios produced by amanasalto, a premium publishing company that collaborates with different renowned artists and publishers from around the world.

  • Motoyuki Kubo speaks about Platinum Palladium Print

    Motoyuki Kubo/ The Printing director of amanasalto
    speaks beauty and fascination of Platinum Palladium print

  • Making the Platinum Print

    Macallan  The Master of Photography Project: 
    George Challier the master printer of Salto Ulbeek speaks about making of the Platinum Palladium print project with Scotch Whisky maker Macallan.