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  • Artist:

    Arthur Tress

  • Title:



  • Size:

    ●Box size
    15.7 × 12.6"
    (400 × 320mm)
    ●Paper size
    8 × 10"
    (203 × 254mm)

  • Edition:

    Set of a photo book by contrejour + 3 prints by amanasalto, with artist’s autograph in a velvet clamshell case.

  • Price:

    Please ask for details.


On the Anxious Adolescence.
by Arthur Tress

I took these three images during the late 1960's and early 70's as part of a portrait series on urban teenagers around New York.

My empathy and rapport with these young people goes back to my own not too distant memories of the particularly difficult experiences I had during the complicated transition between a carefree childhood and becoming a responsible adult.

As our bodies and minds unevenly develop during these years of puberty and transformative growth we are prey to a self conscious introspection that can provoke a deep confused anxiety and inner turmoil, as we explore shifting new psychological identities and experimental gender attachments.

Perhaps, even causing ourselves some kind distressful fearfulness while we try out risky or rebellious negative behaviors to discover who we really are and what we want to become in the context of close friendships and first romantic loves.

amanasalto presents a bookfolio which includes three platinum and palladium prints specially chosen from Tress's latest publication, TRANSRÉALITÉS, with the focus on adolescences as a significant element in his works.

St Patrick's Day Teens. Central Park, New York, 1969
Boy with Cigarette. Albany, New York, 1970
Teenage Runners. New York, 1976