2018 04 18

Le Corbusier, Lucien Hervé “ENSEMBLE”currently available

amanasalto is presenting “ENSEMBLE”, a portfolio of Le Corbusier, an architect and artist, and Lucien Hervé, a photographer who captured Le Corbusier’s  architectures.The new portfolio includes paintings by Le Corbusier and photographs by Lucien Hervé.

Lucian Hervé was originally involved in the world of fashion, photography, and photojournalism; though when Le Corbusier looked at Hervé’s photos, taken at the Unité d’Habitation (“Housing Unit” in English) in Marseilles during its construction, he commended Hervé — calling him a “photographer with the soul of an architect.” It was from that point on that Hervé became a personal photographer of sorts to Le Corbusier.

While achieving a number of milestones as an architect Le Corbusier created significant artworks including painting, drawings, sculptures, tapestries, cloisonné, block prints, and more, thus strived for an integration of artistry across various forms of expression.

The structures, taken by a photographer with the soul of the architect, come into union with the paintings of the painter-turned-architect. One finds themselves wishing to bask in this warm ensemble, suddenly made apparent in the abstract space born between them.

Some referred to Le Corbusier’s structures as “white boxes,” but in reality, not one of his structures are entirely white.  The box for this collection comes in five different colors, each serving as a signature color of Le Corbusier’s.



10 sheets in 14” x 17” (356mm x 432mm)

Box Size:  W 456 x H 389 x D 35 mm

Box Available in 5 Colors:  Marine Blue,Vivid Orange,Warm Grey,Green Lagoon,Yellow

Edition: 100